Cody Forbes cody at
Mon Feb 6 20:46:22 PST 2012

That Chris guy, I don't know why people still buy from him. I just ordered an A8 exhaust from him. Not only was it HUNDREDS of dollars less than I expected to pay (even with shipping!), but the items also arrived DAYS before I expected them to get here. To top it all off the damned parts he sent were in better condition than the old exhaust which I only replaced because mine was stolen while off the car.

I mean really, who does this guy think he is offering a quality product at a good price and delivering it quickly???

Chris, you rock. Oh and btw Chris when I lifted my car up to install the exhaust today I was surprised to find I had left my sleeve clamps on the cats and they were still right where I left them, lol. For the minute I only put the front half on which was a huge mistake because it sounds so nice I think I'll have to delete the rear muffler now.

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