Axel shaft removal

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Yes, I torqued the inside six to spec and the outer bolt to spec, 88 ft lb + 1/4 turn while the car was on the ground. I also torqued the wheel to hub bolts.
I laid under the car, just behind the wheel that was about 8” off the floor. Both wheels were suspended. I had the wife run the car in “N” and then in “D”. Big rattle in “D”. This all came from the inner joint.
I have a replacement part being flown in by NAPA, their dime. We shall see????

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The bigger ball bearings are due to the rebuild. What they do during a rebuild is grind the grooves out more to eliminate the pockets worn in, and substitute the original ball bearings with larger ones to take up the slack.

Are you sure you got the outer nuts tight as well? If not, it will ruin a wheel bearing pretty quickly, though the noise you describe doesn't sound like it to me.


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  PS. I must have received a bad CV driveshaft. I ran it for about 5 miles doing small shopping trips yesterday 2/7/12. Today I was taking the wife to dialysis and it sounded like big marbles rolling around or like a lose nut rolling around in a hub cap. The only difference I could see between my old axle and this new one, was the balls looked a lot bigger on the inner joint of the new axle.  Other than that, they appeared to be the same.

  So I may need to reorder from the mainland, again. No stock on this island.

  More later.

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