NAC or little.......tire search

Wed Feb 15 23:12:16 PST 2012

Most junkyards keep a good supply of used tires, Millis Auto Parts,  in 
Millis, MA comes to mind. $25.00 is the standard price for a used tire.  
Perhaps more for large truck tires. Millis takes in a good number of trucks, so  
might be worth a try. I don't know that any yards specialize in trucks. 
You'll  be surprised how good many of the tires are. Have you watched CL? I just 
checked  the Boston CL, there are quite a few sets in your size. Seem to 
average $400 a  set. That's $100 each, plus dismount,.mount and balance, I 
don't have an  opinion.
Tom Faust

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