Symptoms of clutch going? Squeaking sound in front

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Thu Feb 16 04:53:43 PST 2012

IME, a dying clutch will begin by slipping under load. Try to accelerate
hard in second or third, if it slips, time to replace the clutch. 
Clutch shudder is usually more perceptible at launch when the car is cold. 


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Patient A4 quattro with 2.8 30 Valve. 146,469 on the clock. 

Upon releasing clutch after an upshift there is slight vibration. Also, when
car is off pedal has less effort than before when depressing.

As for the squeaking, happens on slow turns, like boat bumpers against a
dock. Running snows with 15's. Never had this before. Winter has been mild,
abnormal, for these parts.


Danton J. A. Cardoso

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