Avant rear side window "seal" fix

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 15:32:38 PST 2012

For those of you who own an Avant that has the bunched up/wavy rear side
trim, my employee just showed me a trick that I can't believe I never
thought of. He took a heat gun, carefully heated the "rubber" part of the
trim, and pulled it straight with pliers. Probably 10 minutes each side
(drivers side was worse on this one) and it looks nearly like new. He said
he had done this to his former boss' car and it held up well. We shall see
this summer with the Texas heat, but certainly looks much better and had me
pretty excited. I've been installing the euro's, took off the roof racks,
pushde the bumpers in about 3/8", eliminated teh center tail black piece.
I'm going to eliminate the pinstripe, should have it done this week. I'll
post a link to pics then.

I know several others have posted solutions to this, as it was discussed
recently, but this is an incredibly easy fix, so thought I'd post it.

BTW, this one is a 1989 100 Avant 5-speed FWD. I bought it from the second
owner here in Houston. He has owned it for the last 12 years, was in Mass
for the previous owner for the first 10 years of it's life.

Wish it were Quattro, but they didn't bring 100 Avant's here in Quattro :(

At least it's a 5-speed!


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