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All done. 

I had done the online research, but the explanations and the picture made all
the difference. 

Thanks everyone!!!

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> Pulling the instrument cluster and replacing the ignition switch:
> 1.	Remove the trim strip below the IC.  (Several 3-4 screws from
> 2.	Remove the 3-4 screw along the bottom edge of the IC which were 
> exposed by pulling the trim strip.
> 3.	Carefully slide/tilt the whole IC toward you and disconnect the 
> several wiring harness connectors on the back side of the IC.
> 4.	Pull the IC out in the general direction of the passenger side window.
> 5.	Now look for the ignition switch visible on the right side below 
> the opening.
> 6.	There may be some red loc-tite covering the screws you need to 
> loosen to pull the switch
> 	- if so dig it out with a small pointed tool of some sort.
> 7.	Use a small straight screwdriver to loosen the two set screws 
> holding the switch in position.
> 	Just back them out a little way - DO NOT completely remove them.
> 8.	The switch can now be unplugged from its wiring harness connection
> 9.	Now pull the switch itself from the key portion of the switch assembly.
> 	Clearances are a bit tight so this will likely take a bit of effort 
> to accomplish but it will come.
> 10.	Now put it all back together with the new switch in place of the old

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