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  Check the springs again. 100 to 1 that one has not enjoyed being disturbed
and has broken at the last coil or so.

   They get comfy for 20 or so years in their seats, rust sets in and so do
tiny cracks, when disturbed and replaced the tiniest bit of grit may
position themselves so that the junior cracks are now stressed with each
bump, then pretty soon, ping, the coil is broken off.

   Been there done that;)


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Hi, gents.
Patient is a 1999 VW bug.
Issue is a RF susp. spring that makes bouncy, springy noises, as if wound
and abruptly released, when turned mostly to extreme R or L during
steering. This began 3-4 months after swapping both front struts, strut top
bearings and bushings, springs were re-used. Took care aligning them in
their seats. Top strut nut is tight as are all other nuts and bolts,
nothing untoward happens during driving, only during slow driving, when
parking. No noises during bouncing the body at the RF corner. This does not
happen all the time but almost always it happens, when the car is on an
incline - mountainous area here.
Same thing happened to the RF of a Porsche 944 I did the same job to many
years ago.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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