Ignition Control unit Audi 80 Motronic

James munstercoins at iolfree.ie
Tue Feb 12 22:09:46 PST 2013

Behind the dash is a sheet metal box section that goes across the full 
width of the car. The ICU module is screwed to the underside of that 
where it joins the inside of the right hand A pillar...
Or is yours a later model than B2, in which case I don't know where it 

On 13/02/2013 00:13, Al wrote:
> The only thing attached to the A pillar is the am antenna booster.
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> Screwed to the bodywork, at the inside top of the right hand A pillar.
> On 11/02/2013 22:15, al wrote:
>> According to my Bentley there is a ICU somewhere in the dash, by the 
>> glove box.I looked aqll aroud and did not see one. It is not in the 
>> engine compartment, that I can see.  The FA shows it  as 
>> 191905351B,Transistor coil ignition unit.
>> 1990 80 2.0l
>> Al
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