Type-44 front bearing removal/install

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Sun Sep 8 07:39:13 PDT 2013

    -remove CV joint.
    - to remove hub use very long 3 wheel bolts. Insert them in the wheel
hub holes as a triangle position (use 3 hole of 5 bolt hubs, or 2 of 4 bolts
hubs). Srew them until the hub come out.
    -Now the bearing is squeeze on the McPherson hub mount by 2 C clips....
unrust well them clean them, beforee attempt to  remove those clips...
    -Use press to put out the bearing.

    replace the bearing: use grease around the bearing, and use press again
to put it back. If no press use 3/4 nut and bolt and a big thick washer and
squeese the bearing in. I  did prefer bolt methode, so i m suree  i do it
carefully without damage the  seal, cause i  dont have press ;-(.
BE CAREFUL to  DONT damage the seal..... the garage where they put my
bearing in, damaged just a little, enought to let water get in and after 1
year my bearing is  over .....shit

I did on  2 Audi and it work well. I have to  do  it again on my 5000TQ.


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I have the strut assemblies clean and ready to be rebuilt, but I'm wondering
what kind of special tools if any are needed to press in/out those front
bearings. Also, it looks like the inner race stays on the wheel hub when you
press it out. What kind of tool would work on pulling this off? I'm hoping a
regular gear puller would work instead having to order more Audi tools. I'll
be doing this w/ a friend who has a press, but neither of us has done this
before. Any BTDT's? Thanks.


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