91 10v CQ for spares/repair

Ewan Hopkins ewanhopkins at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 19 07:54:33 PDT 2013

I've had this car for 12 years now but for the last four or five, it's been parked up for various reasons - broken ignition switch amongst others. The upshot is that I've not got the time to do any more with it and need to move it on.  I'd get around £200 scrap but I'd be loath to do that considering the time and money I've put into it over the years. I'd much rather someone made use of the parts or fixed it.
It's done around 25,000 miles since I got it and is at around 150,000 miles now. It's metallic black. The engine is the original NG.

To summarise:
- head gasket & clutch were replaced. Head was skimmed. Can't remember now if the water pump was done but I think so
- springs and shocks all round
- various brake lines replaced over the years
- fuel lines replaced a couple of years ago
- radiator replaced maybe 5 or 6 years ago
- downpipe & cat replaced 2 years ago for MOT. Lucky if they have done 10 miles+!
- the bust ignition switch was replaced! :-)

ITs problems are pretty much as follows: 
last time I tried I couldn't get it to start but I'm guessing it maybe needs fresh petrol in the tank and flushed through the system.  It's not helped by the fact that the starter had the braided wire that goes into the body of it repaired a few years ago and could probably do with being replaced or the starter stripped down and repaired properly

It has 16" wheels that I've never seen before, with narrow bolt holes. it came with a ground down socket that just fitted in the holes but, the socket broke and left a piece of itself in one of the driver front wheel holes. You can get the rest of the bolts out by knocking on a 12-point socket but the one with the bit of socket still in the hole needs something tack welded onto the bit of socket still protruding so that it can be wiggled out. I tried using various mole grips but couldn't get a decent purchase on it and didn't have access to a welder.  You can get replacement narrow bolts off ebay for around £30 for a full set of 16 plus the key.

The interior is pretty wet because the roof aerial broke and water leaked in. I've not seen the car for months because it is stored at a friend's but I suspect it's reasonably grim.  

All the electrics still worked last time I had it running but that was a year or two ago now - it almost passed it's MOT, except for a couple of bulbs and odds n ends but I had other things to deal with at the time and had to leave it.

Anyone out there interested that can come and get it from Central Scotland (Stirling)?  You'd probably need to put it on a trailer but I can make sure there is air in the tyres before you come for it.

I'm not looking for much for it - I'd just rather it goes to a better end than the crusher.  If you're interested, email me back and I can give you a phone number to call to discuss further.




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