Farewell DA900463...

laraa at sympatico.ca laraa at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 28 14:24:15 PDT 2013

Hi everyone.


After 12 years spent together, this afternoon was my last ride in my beloved
Quattro. She's now awaiting a complete paint job, which is handy since her
new owner is a body shop owner, and an Audi fan.  


It will be a lost, I guess. I've met most of my actual friends because of
that car, I've been to numerous meets because of it, and I've learned how to
use the power of internet to find parts, advices, and stories. However, she
was a bit "high maintenance", parts were scarce and sometimes expensive, and
for the last year, she didn't move much. 


But that last ride was perfect : sunny afternoon, clear and sweeping roads,
the marvelous 5 cylinder growling and the turbo whistling.


Boy, was it fun to ride with you all those kilometers.


Goodbye DA900463. 



Montreal, QC






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