Fuel pump not running

Radek radek at uniserve.com
Thu Apr 3 18:56:31 PDT 2014

An update:  found "bullet" type connectors at Radio Shack that fit over pump 
terminals, also had to replace over a foot of wire each side because of 
corrosion.  Car runs normally without pressure accumulator.  Will install 
pressure accumulator later, together with fuel hose from Golf/Jetta that 
fits, but needs to be adapted because of different shape.
Thanks to all for your help;

88 90Q
91 V8Q 5-sp

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> On 3/27/2014 8:14 PM, Radek wrote:
>> Mystery solved:  ground on the FP was bad.  Now it's the question of
>> fixing the harness - fuel pump connectors are quite special and I'm
>> not sure where to find replacements.  If I have to, I'll solder wire
>> directly to the terminal.
>> Car seems to be idling fine with the FP hot wired, didn't test it on
>> the road.  Once I fix the pump wiring, will road test (car is
>> temporarily without Fuel Pressure Accumulator) for drivability issues.
>> Cheers;
>> Radek.
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>>> If there is no coil pulse FPR kills the pump.
>>> Probably not your problem, but a data point.
>>> Does the car start and run with the FP hot wired?
>>> On 3/23/2014 7:32 PM, Radek wrote:
>>>> Greetings to all;
>>>> This is a suite to the JB Weld thread, probably better addressed
>>>> under a new heading.  Here's what happened:
>>>> Car is 88 90Q.  Since I couldn't get a new fuel line connecting the
>>>> fuel pump to the pressure accumulator and a replacement was hard to
>>>> find, I decided to temporarily bypass the accumulator so the car
>>>> could be started and moved out of the garage. I went to the local
>>>> boneyard and got some fuel line banjo fittings (17mm and 19mm) and
>>>> connected the fuel pump directly to the fuel filter.  Car started
>>>> without a problem and I drove it out of the garage.
>>>> The next day, though, it would not start anymore.  Fuel pump was
>>>> dead. Fuse is OK, fuel pump relay replaced with a known good one -
>>>> no result. With the ignition key "on" there seems to be no power to
>>>> the pump's red terminal.  However, when hot wired, the pump works.
>>>> So, there must be something cutting the power supply to the fuel
>>>> pump. My question is:  is there any device in the car (fuel pressure
>>>> sensor, for example) that would prevent power supply to the pump?
>>>> Or should I look instead at the wiring and grounds?  BTW, would
>>>> anyone know where to buy the fuel pump connectors (look like Marette
>>>> twist electrical connectors)?  TIA.
>>>> Radek
>>>> 88 90Q
>>>> V8Q 5-sp
> The connectors used on this pump, if it's the one with the red and blue
> plastic threaded plugs, are a pretty common Audi part.  I believe I have
> some, and could look in the barn this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
> priority Mail would get them anywhere in the CONUS is 2-3 days.  Lemme 
> know!
> John

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