I'm buying an A4!

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Sun Apr 6 12:19:17 PDT 2014

Private sale is the way to go. My expectation is that a dealer will give
you the "we don't want your car but we'll accept the trade as a special
favor" routine.

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> congrats on the 14 a4. nice car.
> you will get much more $ for the a6 pp than trade. trade in is probably
> about 0 on those, whereas i imagine there is value to folks for a good
> running, manual quattro car. if it's clean i bet you could get 3-4k for it.
> takes an hour to snap a few pics, throw up an ad. why not?
> > I'm still trying to figure out whether I should just trade the '95 in to
> > the dealer for "wholesale", or make some attempt to try to sell it
> > privately via the marketplace or some other place.
> > How much are these cars going for, what can I expect realistically to get
> > for it in a private sale?
> > 95 A6q 5-speed green/ecru
> > 154k miles
> > german market sport springs and bilstein HD shocks
> > all up to date on service (major service at 153k, timing belt at 148k)
> > I've got two sets of wheels for it: 15" stock with snows and 16" Avus
> with
> > summers (but the summer tires are very worn now and one summer tire just
> > got a nail in it, right on the shoulder, in the fall, darn it.)
> >
> > And how do people arrange to sell a car if they can't really get rid of
> it
> > until after the new car arrives?
> > I don't relish the idea of being stuck with the old car for months after
> I
> > get the new one, and I can't sell it now because I still need a daily
> > driver.  What do people do in these cases, just trade it in and forget
> > about it?
> >
> > Franco
> >
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