I'm buying an A4!

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 16:12:57 PDT 2014

As others have said, don't trade....

Good luck with the new A4! Audi has priced themselves out of my market with the A4, unfortunately. And I had a chance to look
at the new A3 sedan at a mall this weekend. The sticker was almost the same as the sticker on my '04 A4 when I bought it new, 
but this particular car had the S-Tronic as it was FWD, so yuck.... I like the looks of the car a lot but for $32k, it seems expensive
considering it had no quattro, no LED lights that I could tell, a credit for 'single zone climate control' and, I suspect, leatherette 
interior.... So the feature level was a little disappointing. And no manual except for the S3.

So looks like I will be hanging on to me car, at least until my daughter goes to school this fall and I start driving her MINI Cooper...

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

 From: Franco Barber <franco.barber at gmail.com>
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Subject: I'm buying an A4!

I have not been posting a lot on the list, but old timers may remember me.
My '95 A6q 5-speed is still running well but I've decided it's time for me
to get a new car.
I've ordered a new 2014 A4q; it should be delivered in early May.

I'm still trying to figure out whether I should just trade the '95 in to
the dealer for "wholesale", or make some attempt to try to sell it
privately via the marketplace or some other place.
How much are these cars going for, what can I expect realistically to get
for it in a private sale?
95 A6q 5-speed green/ecru
154k miles
german market sport springs and bilstein HD shocks
all up to date on service (major service at 153k, timing belt at 148k)
I've got two sets of wheels for it: 15" stock with snows and 16" Avus with
summers (but the summer tires are very worn now and one summer tire just
got a nail in it, right on the shoulder, in the fall, darn it.)

And how do people arrange to sell a car if they can't really get rid of it
until after the new car arrives?
I don't relish the idea of being stuck with the old car for months after I
get the new one, and I can't sell it now because I still need a daily
driver.  What do people do in these cases, just trade it in and forget
about it?


Franco Barber
franco.barber at gmail.com
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