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Thu Apr 17 10:44:12 PDT 2014

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> I just recently had one of those rare experiences of ordering something
> online and being truly impressed by the product.
> I have always wanted a quality cable tie (electric zip tie) gun, but
> couldn't justify the expense for the better quality units. When I saw a
> decent looking tool from the Eastwood Co. for around $14.00, I pulled the
> trigger (pun intended). It arrived yesterday, and this is one of the best
> values I have seen for some time. It is all metal, works great, and feels
> substantial in your hand.
> If you're like me and wanted/needed one of these for a long time - DO
> IT!!! The professional guns from Panduit go for around $250 and up. The
> Eastman gun is heavy enough I wouldn't want to use it all day as a pro
> sparky, but for what I need, this is the "shizzle".
> VERY impressed!! Thanks Eastwood
> Dennis
> Denver
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