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Sorry I don't have the link. My computer hard drive just crashed 2 days ago, so I'm on a different machine. It was easy to find originally by Google search for cable tie guns. The Eastwood part number is #13704. 


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--- Hi Dennis , Thanks !!   Do you have a "Link" for that tool or site ?         

Stephen H Redford  ... '85Urq  and likes Quality Tools  .

On Apr 16, 2014, at 9:41 PM, dgraber460 at aol.com wrote:

> I just recently had one of those rare experiences of ordering something online 
and being truly impressed by the product.
> I have always wanted a quality cable tie (electric zip tie) gun, but couldn't 
justify the expense for the better quality units. When I saw a decent looking 
tool from the Eastwood Co. for around $14.00, I pulled the trigger (pun 
intended). It arrived yesterday, and this is one of the best values I have seen 
for some time. It is all metal, works great, and feels substantial in your hand.
> If you're like me and wanted/needed one of these for a long time - DO IT!!! 
The professional guns from Panduit go for around $250 and up. The Eastman gun is 
heavy enough I wouldn't want to use it all day as a pro sparky, but for what I 
need, this is the "shizzle".
> VERY impressed!! Thanks Eastwood
> Dennis 
> Denver
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