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My 1995 S6 is @309k mi, stage 3.
The 1995.5 Avant is at 216k mi.
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These days it is hard to find an i5 under 200k miles !
 My 1990 90 20V Q is at 340'000km/bit over 200k miles and is finally getting new everything around the rear diff including subframe.
 When back on the road she will resume the daily driver task again. Everything in front of the firewall works like it is still 1990.
 My 84 CGT will be passing the mark by the end of this year....
 Anybody has front OEM springs for it or know who still sells them ?
 Both sides now broke the most upper coil and don't sit in the bearing-cup properly anymore... I can find lowering springs but would prefer original ones.
 My buddies URS4 is at over 400'000km.
 Boosting to over 300hp on a daily basis.
 I went to see a still running smooth but totally rotten red 85 CGT some guy had for sale in Ottawa a few month back, also had close to 400'000km....
 On 2014-04-26, at 6:34 AM, "rob" <rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
 > There should definitely be 200 000 + mile club in audifans. Whenever that
 > happens I'm in!
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 > My continued faithfulness to this car has now become a borderline
 > obsession (and my wife would say delete the word "borderline"). 247,000
 > miles........
 > Dave
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