200'000 mile club (Peter Golledge)

Peter Elias peter at pcelias.com
Sat Apr 26 20:50:06 PDT 2014

My 1990 Audi 100 just reached 339,000 miles (545,451 kilometers) this week!


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Our family rides are up there:

Wife's 95 S6 @ 215K mi
Son's 200TQ @ 245K+ (odo broken)
Parts car 200TQA @ 275K (was daily drive until a little bit ago)
Track fun LT-1Q @ 200K+ (odo broken, 5K body badly beaten, Chevy LT1 
motor and 016 trans running just fine!)

Anyone need a set of Type 44 Euros or other 200/5K bits?  Let me know 
off list... I'm trying to get rid of the parts car.


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