Meeting With Audifans Friends

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Sat Apr 26 22:34:45 PDT 2014

Today my daughter and I returned from a couple weeks of traveling about
visiting establishments of higher education.  I knew that during the
adventure I was going to be up in SJMautotechnikland, so I pinged Scott to
see if we could manage to swing a get together.  Fortunately our schedules
were compatible and I was able to meet with the provider of so much
information for old school audi owners and fans.  The last time I had seen
Scott was MH99 . how quickly time passes!  We managed to compare notes and
sample wonderful brews for a few hours last night, capping the trip for me!
I suspect that I will be having more opportunities here very soon.  I must
do it at least once so that it can be my turn to buy!


Here we are so many more years later than I care to admit, good friends who
would not have had a chance to meet if it weren't for the audifans list.
I'm still in touch with so many, although it seems like the communication
seems to occur more on FB than "the list" . but in any event I wanted to
express my appreciation for the audifans list.  It has been a very long
time; I hope that I'll be able to sit across the table from more audifans
sooner than later!


Steve Buchholz

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