200 000 mile club

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 28 07:01:43 PDT 2014

Hi Rob;

An impressive list but the top spot pales in comparison to the mileage on an
'86 CQ owned by a gentleman who posted on the Quattrolist in the late '90s.
I've just had an interesting stroll down memory lane as I went through my
old QList archives looking for one of his posts to get his name but danged
if I could find one. I do recall he lived around London, Ontario and his
wife was a judge who drove a UrS. He had close to 1,000,000 miles (might
have been kms) on the CQ on the original engine. He said he had worn out two
exhaust manifolds but had not rebuilt the engine. Kind of anecdotal unless I
can find the post, but an interesting datapoint nonetheless. My memory on
the discourse is a bit foggy - it was 25 years ago or so but perhaps one of
the other early listers may remember. Man, the list was active back then and
there were some great discussions and disputes!

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Ok, I just had to do a quick collate. Peter Elias is in the Top spot with
339k miles - quite an achievement, next comes Vittorio (surname?) with 309k
miles on his S6, now we dip under the magic 300 for Codys Beater with
"280+", then in 4th place Peter Golledges parts car on 275, then Andrew Buc
at 256 and now that is all for the 250up class.

Moving sub 250 and in 6th place is Peter Golledges sons 200tq on a healthy
245+, then vittorio again in his 95.5 Av at 216, now at 8th Place Peter
Golledge with 215k  s6, then myself at 212k 100Av. Taking 10 and 11 spot is
Marco Weibel on 200 and <200 for his 84CGT.

Wooden spoons to my 87cgt at 105 and 'Gerard' with his 109k 5000.

So it looks like 200 000 is a great achievement but not uncommon. 300 plus
is champion form. 100k is just run in!

Any other takers out there? I reckon the top two spots are safe.

Cheers Rob.


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