200 000 mile club

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Well, my 93 Eurovan, which shares the I-5 motor with Audis (has Digifant, 
though) sits at 404,000 kms, which translates into 252,000 miles.  Strong as 
an ox.  My son's 96 UrS6 is at 325,000 kms - 203,000 miles.  In both cases 
the odometers work (in the Eurovan, the odo is powered by cable).  The other 
Audis decided to stop counting miles quite a while ago :)

88 90Q
91 V8Q 5-sp

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> Since now the lesser cousin VW seems to be included, I got a '99 2.0 bug
> with 311K kms (almost 195K miles). My other 1.8T bug is a young'un with
> 204K kms. '92 Eurovan (seasonal camping vehicle) has over 224K kms.
> In related news: I can now vouch for Amsoil synthetic power steering fluid
> as a viable replacement for green gold (Pentosin and equivalent). Had it 
> in
> the 2.0 bug for a few months performing well and with no ill effects. Got
> it even mixed with Pentosin and no trouble. Here in western Canada,
> interior BC (as opposed to west coast), it is not cheaper but it is
> available at 1 parts store in Williams Lake. Costs are about $11 CDN for a
> pint.
> Happy motoring,
> Tihol

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