avant update

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 21:02:43 PDT 2014

After I got the replacement cam gear, though I got the engine running, it
was very sketchy. I installed the new gear with the same alignment as the
cracked gear without checking the engine timing. Tonight I found that the
belt had jumped several teeth, about halfway around the cam gear actually. I
also discovered that the distributor cap had been broken as well. 

I retimed the engine, dug out and installed my old dist cap and it runs,
properly this now. Smooth idle, smooth rpm increase when the throttle is
opened, and back down to idle without any hiccups.

I need to fix a couple of minor leaks and get the alternator mounted back
onto the engine, but I should be able to drive it enough to move it around
and ultimately get it to a body and frame shop to get a realistic idea of
repair viability.


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