Coupe GT buyers guide

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Jan 18 15:11:29 PST 2014

Alan Cesar was kind enough to send me the February issue, with the 
article we helped on at pages 87 and 88.

Should be on your local newsstands soon!

On 10/16/2013 1:39 PM, Cody Forbes wrote:
> Anybody know of one? Grassroots Motorsports magazine called me and are asking a bunch of questions preparing for a two page buyers guide in a future article. I answered what I could, but you guys know I'm one for turbo cars and know little about the N/A ones.
> If anybody has info/tips to add about reliability, rust, modifications available, etc please let me know.
> I essentially told him that they are mostly reliable, I'm not aware of rust issues, normal 80's Audi electrical quirks, and will go through door handles and window regulators if left unlubricated. I sent him to our marketplace to get pricing ideas and to the Audiworld model guide for specs and options. When asked I said that there are very little if any aftermarket performance parts available with 2bennett and 034 as the only possible vendors I know of for such things. I did mention that OE replacement parts are an issue since Audi stopped supporting us 10 years ago and there aren't enough of them for the aftermarket to make money on.
> -Cody Forbes (mobile)
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