[V8] 2002 A6Q avant?

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Mon Jan 20 05:01:38 PST 2014

Bob Williams wrote:
> causing a waterfall in the passenger foot well. Lots of electronics, 
> like the TCM, get wet under the carpet and seat. 

I'm not surprised. I bought my '96 100 2.8L Avant (which became the A6 in '97) 
with a bad ECU. Plugged plenum drains and/or a leaking windshield caused water 
to run down the wiring harness into the ECU.  I spliced in a used connector, 
plugged it into a used ECU and Bingo! I had a runner that was the most reliable
of the Audis I owned.

Kent McLean
'02 VW Beetle TDI, and lots of ex-Audis, including Bad Puppy

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