2002 A6Q avant?

ZZracing at aol.com ZZracing at aol.com
Mon Jan 20 12:27:36 PST 2014

2002 A6 Avant in my family since 25,000 miles.  Now has 94,000  miles.  
Very nice driving car, though not as sporty as my '90 200  Avant.  
No issues with the car.  Did timing belt at 90,000 - not a hard job so  
long as you rent the tools (Blau kit & tool rental), and there are several  
good guides on the Internet.  No cam wear noted when we did the job.  Changed 
the auto trans fluid at 92,000 miles.  What came out was  surprisingly clean. 
 It is a bit of a messy job, but I thought it prudent  maintenance.
Otherwise, just normal maintenance and consideration. 
All and all a good Audi.
Dave Zube
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quattro-request at audifans.com writes:

Looking  at a 2002 A6Q wagon, 120K on it, superficially in good condition, 
guy is  asking $3,500.

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