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jonathan wolovich jnwolovich at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 20:15:19 PST 2014


I still have a lots relays switched sun roof motor  and stuff from my old 1987 audi.

Do they work for you.

I dont really need them. I sold my last  4000 quattro.

Let me know Just pay for shipping

Now I am  dealing with a Auto Union 3=6  1956

Jonathan Wolovich

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   1. Collection of Spare Parts for Type 44 (mboucher70 hotmail.com)


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Subject: Collection of Spare Parts for Type 44
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I?m about to order some blown electronic parts for my Audi from Force5.  Still planning on keeping it around a few more years, and knowing that parts are becoming scarcer, I was wondering if there?s a few common relays or easy to ship parts that have a high failure rate.  For example, I?ve already got a spare ICU and ECU (acutally I repaired and tested the old one after replacing them).  Plan on picking up spare window switches as those seem to go every few years.  What about the fuel filter relay, or all the other relays either in the fuse box or near the driver?s leg?  

Finally, anyone had luck with replacement glass for side mirrors?  The type that simply stick on to the existing glass?  

(Audi 100, 1990, Non-Turbo, Non-Quattro, NF engine)


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