airbag test

Ed Kellock ed.kellock at
Thu Jan 30 21:00:14 PST 2014

Car not okay, likely totalled. Right front corner took the brunt. One euro
light toast. Windshield cracked in lower passenger side corner.  Other
driver went to the hospital. Wasn't wearing her seatbelt when she pulled
out in front of me around traffic in the right lane, some of which was
slowing to turn in, as I passed by in the left lane. She admitted it was
her fault to the officer who responded. Her ins company has already tried
to contact me. Safeco.
On Jan 30, 2014 9:21 PM, "Ed Kellock" <ed.kellock at> wrote:

>  I can attest that the 22-year old airbag in my 1991 200q 20v Avant still
> works...well worked.  Once. At about 3:45 this afternoon. I feel sick.
> Ed

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