Back in an Audi (95.5 S6) - some questions

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Tue Jun 3 11:01:17 PDT 2014

Thanks, I figured that was probably the case.  It would help if I could 
identify the chip.  I assume it is something beyond the stage 1 260-280 hp 
as I don't think a hybrid turbo, injections and exhaust manifold would be 
needed with that level of chip?

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You really need the "matched set" the right WG spring and injectors are
critical to getting things to work right.  Might be able to get away
without the manifold but if you are going to all of this effort it seems
to be logical to put it all together properly.

On 6/2/2014 5:59 PM, Jeremiah Curry wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I have been away from Audis Briefly, but have had quite a few in the past.
> 1984 5000s
> 1984 Coupe GT
> 1985 Coupe GT
> 1991 200 20v
> 2002 Allroad 2.7T Tip
> then I decided to get practical and bought a Prius....which I hated.
> So last week I bought a unmodified 1995.5 S6 and a modified, but very 
> rough 1994 S4.
> The plan is to use the 94 as a parts car and move the upgrades to the S6.
> Here are the modifications listed for the S4
> RS Manifold
> Aftermarket Turbocharger, KKK hot suction, Garrett cold suction
> bigger injectors
> tuning module
> unfortunately I don't have the room to keep a parts car, so it is at my 
> parents 350 miles away.
> First question:
> I am trying to identify the "tuning module".  When I went and bought it I 
> found a sticker that said "tuned by TAP" so I expected to find one of the 
> hand written notes as listed here: 
> But I didn’t 
> instead I found.
> 3 BAR transducer, and 2 chips both computer labeled.  One on the same 
> board as the transducer say: AAN LDR 5CC0 the other says AN MOT F2C5  Any 
> idea what that chips these are?
> Second question:
> Any harm in switching chips, but not tubos, injectors, maniforld, 
> wastegate sprint, etc?  I didn't think to grab the wastegate spring, and 
> couldn't figure out how to get the manifold off. (those bolts at the 
> bottom leave no room to turn)
> 3rd question: how would I identify which hybrid turbo I ended up with?
> 4th question: how would I clean the injectors, the S4 was full of varnish 
> from sitting a long time.
> thanks in advance.
> Jeremiah
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