fsi / carbon buildup

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Water/meth yes, water only no. The water would cool the port walls and cause more buildup. At least with water/meth you get a solvent. But you'd need to inject it continually which would require a huge tank.

Most other manufacturers have opted for dual injection where they run both direct and port injectors (Toyotaru BRZ/FRS/86 thing for example). 

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> I wonder if water injection would help?
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> rumor is that the euro audis [not m/a yet] are using upstream injectors
> [intake] to wash the backs of the valves to prevent / minimize carbon
> buildup. read any rs4 forum about it, the pictures are a horrorshow. guys
> rolling in with the ports 50% clogged and putting down 200hp. agreed that
> it's a 40k service check / job. i think most shops are doing it for a few
> 100$. it's not a nightmare, just another component to the vag ownership
> 'character'. trade your cam follower checks / replacements with decarbon
> treatments.
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