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Well, you COULD contact the DKW Club of America through our web site and on
Yahoo and Facebook.  We have many helpful folks who could help you source
replacement glass, window seals, etc. etc. for the car.
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Sorry, I thought my sarcasm would shine through:-)

I can't even find any 4k's/5k's/100's/200's at the JY anymore.




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Can't tell if you're serious, Pat. B It's a cool looking car, for sure,
doesn't look like it would be too tough, but I have no idea where you would
find a full car's worth of glass for something like that. B Very neat
looking car, though.


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Sweet, that's an easy resto.. B We have 3 of them in the junkyard here,
parts are no problem. B :)

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57 auto union. 3500

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