timing belt sourcing

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I highly recommend them as well; haven't bought online from any place else
for years. My only gripe it their website won't honor the "stay logged in"
checkbox. It did for in the first couple of years, but now, from any
computer I use, even my phone, it doesn't. Not that big a deal really, but I
even pursued it with their tech support and they said something about
cookies. Whatever, I feel like the fact that I use different devices and
experience the same issue disproves the cookie theory. I think they recently
raised their free-shipping threshold from $50 to $75, which has delayed and
redirected my purchases on a couple of occasions. I would previously figure
out some stuff to order to get to 50 bux. Now it seems more frivolous to do


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Both are fine. CRP-Contitech is, I think, the same company as Continental.
As online parts sellers go, there isn't really an place better than
AutoHausAZ. Their customer service is top notch. My main problem with them
is that occasionally they carry lower quality brands, but not usually.

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> I can find the OEM Continental TB (Audi 034-109-119) on sites like 
> GermanAutoParts and GPR at about $11 but the UPS shipping is more than 
> that. AutohausAZ offers a cheaper shipping method but they describe 
> their belt as a CRP-Conitech product. Does anyone have a feel for the 
> relative quality of the two manufacturers? Or perhaps a better on-line 
> parts store?
> Thanks,
> DeWitt Harrison
> 1988 5ktq
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