Strange 'Range' Behavior

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Thu Sep 11 23:27:48 PDT 2014

hey ed, good to hear form you.  as you know, we have great driving roads
down under, not so great for set-and-forget cruising.  in the south you
might get a bit over 10kms of straight road where you could set cruise
control ­ in the north you would be lucky to get 3 kms.  if you don’t mind
the odd turn then the longest road i can recall is highway 8 from the lindis
pass through tarras to twizel.  the other one that comes to mind is highway
7 through culverden down towards pegasus.

even thinking of that beautiful country makes my eyes go misty ­ too much
time in the big smoke ­ heck i haven’t been on a trout stream for over 10

mandatory audi content ­ over 15 years ago when i lived in the top of the
south island (pre kids) i used to reserve an hour most sundays to take my
20v ur-quattro over some of the best driving roads on the planet, through
little towns with names like dovedale, thorpe and woodstock and around the
motueka valley highway, stitching corners together with nothing in mind
other than the pleasure of driving a car that was created for these sorts of
roads.  iirc there was a pub at moutere where you could have a nice local
ale before the blast back home again…

all the best
’08 rs6 avant
’12 vw passat alltrak

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Hi Dave! It’s been 16 years, give or take a couple of weeks, since I met you
personally in Auckland for dinner with Barracuda Jim. I was just wondering
what the longest open stretch of road is there where you can set-and-forget
the cruise control, traffic permitting of course.


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it¹s actually a reasonably fraught calculation if you think about it.
should the computer average your last 20 minutes, or your last 2 - you
could make a good case for either.  add to that the fact that the tank
itself is a convoluted mess of plastic shapes squeezed into impossible
spaces so the fuel readout is decidedly non-linear.  with my gas guzzler,
i awlays laugh as i fill it up with 80 litres of saudi¹s finest and the rs
confidently predicts in excess of 550kms of travel.  every time. i¹ve
never got more than 450 unless i¹m feathering the throttle on a long trip
whereupon i might, just might, get over 500.  i¹m far far more likely to
get 352-380 kms out off a tank (around 17mpg).

having said all that, i¹ve never had a readout fluctuate as much as what
you have observed.

¹08 rs6 avant
¹12 vw passat alltrak

On 12/09/14 7:00 am, Dan DiBiase <d_dibiase at> wrote:

>Took my A4 on it's first road trip in a while, from Central NJ to
>Saratoga Springs, NY and back. A function of our new car having satellite
>radio, I guess...! Anyway, was surprised at the fuel mileage - averaged
>35 mpg each way - granted, it's 99% highway miles, and traffic
>was light so the cruise was set at 72 mph and hardly had to touch it.
>That is higher mileage than I have gotten in the past, by a couple of
>The strange thing was the range computation. Going up, I used just under
>half a tank of gas so I was monitoring the range closely to see how
>far I could get before I needed to stop to ensure I didn't roll into the
>driveway on fumes - second half of the tank always seems to go faster
>than the first.... ;-) When I got onto the highway, the range actually
>went up about 10 miles, which I assumed was due to the better gas mileage
>I was getting than in the little bit of stop-and-go traffic approaching
>the Northway. It kept going up for a while, then starting going down, but
>a very uneven rate, and finally sat on 235 miles for a good 20 minutes
>(during which time I would have driven about 24 miles). So I ended up
>pulling off and putting some gas in but didn't reset the computer. Got
>back on the highway and the range read 440 miles, then proceeded to
>drop about 5 miles for every 2 miles driven until it seemed to be at a
>'normal' level for the fuel I had remaining in the tank - then went down
>normally at that point.
>I always assumed that the range calc was a simple 'look at the fuel
>level, look at the mph and compute' sort of thing and don't recall it ever
>fluctuating so much.

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