Strange 'Range' Behavior

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Fri Sep 12 04:09:15 PDT 2014

Makes sense. I hardly ever look at the 'range' anyways, and agree with your assessment of the 'optimism' of the calculation
when you first fill up! Not really sure why I happened to be monitoring it so closely, as I typically do fill up before I leave my
parents, just for peace of mind on the trip home. I guess maybe the higher-than-normal MPG was spooking me a little. Perhaps
it was so much higher due to the positive aerodynamic benefits of the new front bumper valence I put on a few weeks ago, replacing
the torn-up one...  ;-)

The only car I have ever driven that really approached the 'range' indicated at fill-up was a 2014 Ford S-Max we rented and drove
for almost 900 miles in Ireland in July. It had a 2.0l turbo-diesel with 6-speed auto, and the range indicated 600 miles when I filled it 

the first time. It got 38 mpg with 5 of us and luggage for a week... I was driving conservatively, as I had never driven on the 'wrong' side 

of the road before... ;-) Got around 590 miles on the tank when all was said and done. 

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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it¹s actually a reasonably fraught calculation if you think about it...
should the computer average your last 20 minutes, or your last 2 - you
could make a good case for either.  add to that the fact that the tank
itself is a convoluted mess of plastic shapes squeezed into impossible
spaces so the fuel readout is decidedly non-linear.  with my gas guzzler,
i awlays laugh as i fill it up with 80 litres of saudi¹s finest and the rs
confidently predicts in excess of 550kms of travel.  every time. i¹ve
never got more than 450 unless i¹m feathering the throttle on a long trip
whereupon i might, just might, get over 500.  i¹m far far more likely to
get 352-380 kms out off a tank (around 17mpg).

having said all that, i¹ve never had a readout fluctuate as much as what
you have observed.

¹08 rs6 avant
¹12 vw passat alltrak

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