2009 Audi A4 Avant B8

Dave dave.eaton at clear.net.nz
Mon Sep 22 12:17:16 PDT 2014

the crown diff is not a torsen, but an arrangement of different diameter
crown gears that splits torque.  description on how it works is up on
wikipedia.  the rear sports diff is also not a torsen design...

¹08 rs6 avant
¹12 vw alltrack

On 23/09/14 7:00 am, Cody Forbes wrote:

>- RS5 introduced the new crown-gear center Torsen with variable torque
>bias front to rear. I think it's still the only car with it, or maybe
>B8.5 S4's can get it optionally.
>- "Sport Diff" rear differential which is standard on RS cars and
>optional on S cars starting with B8. It's a complicated arrangement of
>torsens and clutches that allows torque split to be changed left to right
>(torque vectoring).

>-Cody Forbes (mobile)

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