Audi meets speed bump - speed bump wins

Lee Levitt lee at
Thu Sep 25 07:08:48 PDT 2014

My daughter drove over a speed bump, at speed, in our ¹96 A6 quattro avant
and now the car is making some noises. She is not clear on what those noises
are. Nothing unusual at idle, I believe. Whirring or scraping sound while
driving, possibly louder while accelerating.

I¹m thinking anything from a hanging belly pan to a crushed oil pan to a
stick in the fanŠ I should be able to take a look at the car this weekend
(it¹s 3 hours away from me).

In the meantime, the car is parked. Unless it¹s something simple, I will
probably have the car flat bedded to C&S in Mamaroneck (thanks Joe!). Don¹t
really want to do that until I get a chance to eyeball itŠ

On the other hand, if a lister in the White Plains area has some free time
and is willing to take a quick trip to Manhattanville College in Purchase to
give the car a once-over, I would appreciate it.  Beer, sushi or other forms
of karma will be forthcoming in thanksŠ :)



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