Audi meets speed bump - speed bump wins

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Sep 25 08:41:03 PDT 2014

Lee Levitt wrote:
> My daughter drove over a speed bump, at speed, in our ยน96 A6 quattro avant
> and now the car is making some noises. She is not clear on what those noises
> are. Nothing unusual at idle, I believe. Whirring or scraping sound while
> driving, possibly louder while accelerating.

My '02 Beetle started making funky noises on day for no apparent reason; 
louder when accelerating and turning, not so much at idle. It turned out 
to be a broken motor mount.  Hitting a speed bump could have jostled an 
old motor mount enough to break it.

Kent McLean
'02 VW Beetle TDI, and a lot of former Audis including Bad Puppy

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