Leather and vinyl seats

TWFAUST at aol.com TWFAUST at aol.com
Mon Jan 5 19:57:11 PST 2015

Are you certain you need different dyes? Except for hyper expensive cars  
like Rolls,the leather is seldom vat dyed. Most of the leather upholstery I 
have  ever encountered is dyed with lacquer. I learned this when I tried to 
remove a  spot on Jaguar leather with lacquer thinner (the "Universal 
Solvent"). A quick  test is to scratch the leather, if the color coat is 
microscopic, it is probably  lacquer. If the color goes right through, it may be vat 
dyed, that is a  different animal altogether. It seems to me that most SEM 
Products list both  vinyl and leather from the same can.
I assume you are spraying the dye. The "dye" for vinyl is essentially  
lacquer, judging by the smell. My local FLAPS, which just closed, had color  
codes for American cars back to the fifties. The leather codes were all lacquer 

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