Leather and vinyl seats

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Jan 7 11:59:02 PST 2015

Hi Tom,

No, I'm not sure, I just figured it made sense due to totally different 

For the vinyl, it has to adhere to the surface of a plastic material.

I bought a rattle can of vinyl dye, since I have some ugly grey I want 
to turn black, and figured I'd use that on any vinyl on the seats as well.

For the leather, it should soak in a bit, and be enhanced rather than 
removed by leather cleaners and conditioners etc., right?

I also picked up a bottle of Fleliblings black leather dye and have used 
all of it so far on one seat indoors, just on the pleats and bolsters. 
The leather eats it up.  I had some "excess" get on the other bits here 
and there, I suppose I should look at how that would seem to hold up.

What is this SEM product you speak of?

What I tended to find were either sprays for "everything else" (vinyl, 
carpet, etc.) or products intended for leather.



On 1/5/2015 10:57 PM, TWFAUST at aol.com wrote:
> Huw,
> Are you certain you need different dyes? Except for hyper expensive cars
> like Rolls,the leather is seldom vat dyed. Most of the leather upholstery I
> have  ever encountered is dyed with lacquer. I learned this when I tried to
> remove a  spot on Jaguar leather with lacquer thinner (the "Universal
> Solvent"). A quick  test is to scratch the leather, if the color coat is
> microscopic, it is probably  lacquer. If the color goes right through, it may be vat
> dyed, that is a  different animal altogether. It seems to me that most SEM
> Products list both  vinyl and leather from the same can.
> I assume you are spraying the dye. The "dye" for vinyl is essentially
> lacquer, judging by the smell. My local FLAPS, which just closed, had color
> codes for American cars back to the fifties. The leather codes were all lacquer
>   based.
> Tom

> Does anyone remember ever working out what parts of the early leather seats were leather and what parts were vinyl?
> In particular, I have a set of brown ex-UrQ front seats with the diagonal pleat design that I am dying black and need to use different methods for the two materials.
> I suspect just the pleats and the four main bolster areas are leather, but does anybody know for sure?
> I'm welding them to the bases of my '88 90Q manual seats.
> Also looking for decent condition black leather 90Q/CQ front seats, manual or working power...

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