Leather and vinyl seats

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Here is a link to SEM Products Color Coats.
I notice that it does not specifically say for leather. On the other hand,  
I have a pair of leather sofas that were fading from use and age. I took 
those  out and sprayed them with SEM color coat and they have stood up just 
fine,  certainly no cracking, peeling, etc. This is a "Professional" product, 
you are  more likely to find it in a store which caters to the trade than 
Advance, or  Auto Zone. 
I think I used it, about 10 years ago, on a pair of leather Supra  seats I 
have kicking  around. Not a fair test as they are still kicking in  my barn 
waiting for a use. 
I particularly recommend their "Landau Black" for exterior trim, it was an  
exact match in sheen for those cars I have used it on.
There is a leather restorer advertised for Ferraris, Rolls, etc, that is  
actually supposed to fill cracks.  I have never used it and cannot recall  
the name, although it is well recommended. Quite expensive, I think the kit 
for  two seats is about $300.00. That is why I have never used it, I still 
have the  money I got from the tooth fairy by pulling my daughter's teeth out.
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Hi Tom,

No, I'm not sure, I just  figured it made sense due to totally different 

For the  vinyl, it has to adhere to the surface of a plastic material.

I bought a  rattle can of vinyl dye, since I have some ugly grey I want 
to turn black,  and figured I'd use that on any vinyl on the seats as well.

For the  leather, it should soak in a bit, and be enhanced rather than 
removed by  leather cleaners and conditioners etc., right?

I also picked up a bottle  of Fleliblings black leather dye and have used 
all of it so far on one seat  indoors, just on the pleats and bolsters. 
The leather eats it up.  I  had some "excess" get on the other bits here 
and there, I suppose I should  look at how that would seem to hold up.

What is this SEM product you  speak of?

What I tended to find were either sprays for "everything else"  (vinyl, 
carpet, etc.) or products intended for  leather.



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