'87 5KCSTQ reluctant to start cold

John Larson viejoloco at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 09:37:34 PST 2015

On 1/8/2015 8:48 AM, Huw Powell wrote:
> Hi John,
> You might want to define "cold" for us.  I do remember you mentioning 
> a 75 dF day.  So that would be a "not hot" engine, rather than "it 
> went below zero and the car doesn't start well", right?
> - Huw
Yes, Huw.  Cold meaning "sitting until the engine is at ambient 
temperature".  To answer another post, the fuel pump runs when the car 
is in a cranking situation.  Fuel pressures appear to be normal.  I'll 
confirm that this morning.  Temps here are currently about 60 degrees.

Thanks for the comments so far!  John

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