In Local Audi News: Car goes up in flames in downtown

Peter Elias peter at
Thu Jan 8 10:56:48 PST 2015

Luckily no fire related issues in my 1990 Audi 100  (currently at 344,000 
miles) ... although 2 years ago (at about 324,000 miles) it could have 
turned into one!   Kept smelling raw gas coming into the car.   Popping the 
hood, nothing obvious, finally traced the problem to a minute leak in the 
"fuel regulator", a tiny little Bosch box (not much bigger than a box of 
matches) which is mounted in front of the fuel distributor.   The unit 
wasn't leaking from the seal itself, but elsewhere in the box.

The local Audi stealer (errr.. dealer) wanted over $770 for this Bosch part. 
Ended up finding the same Bosch item at for only about $270 ! 
The dealer said it would take a week or two to get.  Partsgeek delivered it 
in one day (I guess I'm lucky to live within 3 miles of a WorldPac 
distribution center! - Plano, Texas).   Too bad we consumers can't buy parts 
directly from WorldPac!

Can't believe the outrageous price (mucho profit!) that the dealer wanted 
for this part.   They also wanted about $12 for one tiny 10mm o-ring (the 
special one for fuel resistance), while others sell this for about $3 ...

In any case, after I got the part, it was a 5 minute fix!

So for now, I've got:
1) one of the highest known mileage 1990 Audi 100 (at 344,500+ miles; 
unfortunately the odometer crapped out at 341,257 miles in August 2014 and 
am tracking mileage via gas usage...)
2) one the lowest known mileage 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro (at only 68,500 
miles); only read about 2 others last year below 100,000 miles (at 88K & 95K 
miles, but none below 70K)!  Had to fly up to Milwaukee to pick it up and 
drive it back to Texas..!   A nice car.   Since Audifans doesn't appear to 
let us attach photos, you can see it here:

As a side note, if you want to showcase stuff on the internet for free, I've 
been using for over 10 years.  They give you lots of space and 
pages to showcase stuff ...  My main Audi site is at   You don't need to be a programmer; use 
their "templates" and it's as simply as using Microsoft Word... 

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