'87 5KCSTQ reluctant to start cold

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I was wondering about that as we had to take the fuel distributor boot off
to do a clutch job last summer and it has run fine until the weather got
How in the sam hill does one get into the rf fender where all those mystery
parts are? On putting it back together back then I fumbled around and think
I got the large vacuum hose somewhat reconnected to whatever but I can't be
sure how well as not even braile could be used. I asked the son to look in
the wheel well the other day for an access panel and he saw none but I
should take a look.  Any tidbits beyond pulling the fuel distributor/all
injectors and kid glove handling all vs breaking all the rotted fuel hoses
so another one burns to the ground? 


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I've been Audiless for years now, but I seem to remember something similar..

Check the intake plumbing inside the right front fender. PITA to get to, as
I recall.

There's a tube that can come loose and allow the intake to suck air above
the metering plate, which doesn't allow it to open enough to fire the fuel

Works fine after it's warmed up.

Took me a while to figure that one out.. which is one of the (many) reasons
I no longer screw with them.

Hope this helps.



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