94 S4 Won't Start

b1biker at aol.com b1biker at aol.com
Thu Jan 22 19:34:39 PST 2015

Here's the story. Car started this morning at -5. I drove to the ski area where the car sat for about 7 hours; when I attempted to start it at the end of the day it fired but would not respond to throttle inputs and after about 30 seconds it died. After setting for about 10 minutes I again attempted to start the engine with the same results. At this point I disconnected the fuel line from the tank at the fuel filter and cranked the engine; there was no fuel flow. I'm assuming that the problem is either the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay. Bentley says that I need LED tester US 1115 to check the fuel pump relay and other associated components of the fuel delivery system. I would appreciate any thoughts as to the cause of the problem and how to go about diagnosis. Help will be greatly appreciated.
Gary L. Meier

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