94 S4 Won't Start

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Fri Jan 23 06:17:15 PST 2015

I missed that the temp rose. OK.

As to fuel pump actions - every failure i’ve had had no impact on performance etc - it just got noisy and intermittently cut out, then returned, until one day, it did not ( or i was smart and changed it first :_))

Just find the wire into the FP and test voltage to ground, and then after. Subtract :-)

On Jan 23, 2015, at 9:14 AM, b1biker at aol.com wrote:

> Grant, there were no indications of impending fuel pump failure; i.e. noise, poor performance, lack of top end, etc. that I have experienced in the past with fuel pump issues. I'm inclined to think that it is the fuel pump relay; thus my concerns about the LED tester and any possible substitution for it. I'm assuming that no power to the fuel pump indicates a bad relay. As for the gas I don't see how it could start at -5 and then fail to start at 25. Plus the gas in the tank is 10% ethanol.
> Gary
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> Was there any sign of the fuel pump failing? typically noise?
> What about water in the fuel, which then froze n the low temps?
> it seems to me any voltmeter to across the fuel pump leads tells you if you have 
> power. Only if neg must you isolate the relay.
> Hope the powder was good
> Grant
> On Jan 22, 2015, at 10:34 PM, b1biker at aol.com wrote:
> > Here's the story. Car started this morning at -5. I drove to the ski area 
> where the car sat for about 7 hours; when I attempted to start it at the end of 
> the day it fired but would not respond to throttle inputs and after about 30 
> seconds it died. After setting for about 10 minutes I again attempted to start 
> the engine with the same results. At this point I disconnected the fuel line 
> from the tank at the fuel filter and cranked the engine; there was no fuel flow. 
> I'm assuming that the problem is either the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay. 
> Bentley says that I need LED tester US 1115 to check the fuel pump relay and 
> other associated components of the fuel delivery system. I would appreciate any 
> thoughts as to the cause of the problem and how to go about diagnosis. Help will 
> be greatly appreciated.
> > Gary L. Meier
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