Steering Oscillations

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Fri Jan 23 20:17:29 PST 2015

Likely a front outer CV joint has quit life. BTDT many years ago. Mine went 
BANG as I was pulling in to a parking lot to investigate, but when I saw the 
ball bearings rolling across the lot I figured it out pretty quick ;-)


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Hi, all! Patient is a 2004 A6qA with about 139k. 3.0 gas V6.

Good news! My car passed inspection and I have a sticker!

Bad news! On the way home, something in my front end started squeaking, 
there was a soft pop going around a curve, then my steering wheel started 
oscillating violently, so I limped home. There was a lovely popping and 
grinding as I took a right onto one road and again on to another, and when I 
got home, my right tire has massive cracks in the sidewall - though it still 
holds air.

I have no idea what happened. It was a little ponderous around the road 
before that, especially around the corners.

Any ideas without me jacking it up yet?



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