Seat Heater switches

Nicholas Miller chance9121 at
Sat Jan 31 01:51:55 PST 2015

Hey everyone,

Does anyone have some pairs of Heated seat switches around?  I want to
retrofit a few of my cars with these Audi/vw switches, as I have a 1
position button on my heaters for right now.  I'd like to try and retrofit
the Audi switch into the car.

Has anyone done this before?  I'm not sure if it will work, but in my head
it should be simple, I'm assuming its Vin, Gnd, Vout, and Backlight Vin,
and the switch operates like a potentiometer.

P.s.  The candidates are 2 MX-5s, a Mazda 3, and a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Cause its cold up here in MN.

Cheers all,

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