Odd Stall

Paul Luevano paul at clarity.net
Tue Jun 2 07:09:25 PDT 2015


	When it rains, it pours.  A little background:  95.5 S6, Stage 1, 034 
Coil kit, daily driver.  Just had an issue with a suspected bad coil, 
but it turned out to be a bad #5 spark plug wire.  Replaced with one 
from my FLAPS.  Car seemed to run just fine after that.  Just replaced 
the old F5DPOR's with NGK BKR7E's a few months ago. Still have the old 
plugs as spares as they looked fine.

	Now, the car will just stall randomly at idle.  Car is idling fine, and 
then it just dies.  Sat in the car this morning for a few minutes to 
catch it on video.  First video was just a serious stumble.  Second is 
the actual stall.  I am just sitting in the car, there was no input from 
me at all.


	034 has offered to sell me a new wire set for $168.  I'm tempted to 
dump the kit altogether (I've had to replace 3 of the 5 coils so far) 
for a kit from EFIExpress.

	Wires?  Plugs?  Coils? Something else?

	Thanks much!

Paul Luevano
Wakefield MA

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