[20v] Low voltage

Christopher Gharibo cgharibo at usa.net
Wed Nov 4 18:21:03 PST 2015

I replaced the voltage regulator on my CQ and I am back to 13 volts.  

Thanks everyone.

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> I replace the voltage regulator on the stock CQ alternator every few years.
The original one lasted like 7 yrs. 
> What's the longest lasting voltage regulator out there?
> My wife's A6 has 240k miles and has never had the voltage regulator changed.
Do they make alternators for CQ that doesn't need the voltage. regulator
changed every few years?
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> From experience ... VR can be replaced in about 5-10 minutes very
easily...and inexpensively. I'd start there if it were me. Alternator can stay
put while doing the swap so it's almost a no-brainer. 
> Wylie Bean
> Too many 20v cars to list at this hour
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> Subject: [20v] Low voltage
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> I have a '91 coupe. I got a low voltage warning as I am about to start the
car but the car started. The voltage gauge went from 10 to 12v. 
> As I am driving I noticed the lights are not that bright and the voltage
gauge reads 10v and is dipping. I got another low voltage warning. Somehow I
got home and started checking the car. 
> Alternator belt is tight. Battery is two years old and has never died. I
pulled the alternator voltage regulator and the brushes have 1/4" and 1/16"
length left. Clearly unevenly worn. 
> What should my next step be? I am thinking either swap the voltage regulator
or the alternator.
> Thank you in advance. 
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