Fuel system shuts down

Woodland, Mark Mark.Woodland at dentsply.com
Thu Nov 12 12:11:59 PST 2015

  Does it start again after sitting for a few minutes?

I experienced this on a 5KTQA.. several times.

Turned out to be powdered gunk (dissolved tank inner coating) in the tank that would suck up against the screen, block it and shut off the car.

Once shut off, the gunk would fall down under the pump and the car would restart.

Took about 5 restarts to get home that night.

Pulled the pump, siphoned out the gunk with a squeeze bulb-type kerosene pump and replaced the pump.. all better.

Not sure if the 4K has the same pump design, but if it restarts after quitting, I'd look for dissolved tank liner.


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I have got my 4000 Quattro running like a dream and then after running it for a while the fuel pump shuts off.  I put a performance pump on it , but that pump is universal and should work.  I was advised by a mechanic that the check valve in the fuel distributor could be clogged with gunk or that there could be gunk in the gas tank that is obstructing the increased pressure demands causing the pump to eventually overheat or the circuit to overheat and then shut off.  Has anyone had any experience with this.  What might be causing the system to get clogged or not be able to fulfill the increased pressure demands.  I got the pump from ECS tuning and it is a Bosch pump.  They use it on porsche and other such cars.  It is a good pump and it is on right.  I changed the main fuel filter that is by the pump that attaches with a banjo bolt.  Has anyone experienced this same scenario or does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing the problem or what modifications would need to be made to the fuel system to allow the pump to work continuously?  Please let me know.  I will most likely bring it to a mechanic but it would be good to have an idea about what is going on with it.

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