UrQ with Treser bits

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Tue Nov 17 13:44:12 PST 2015

Yeah this is that car. My customer definitely made a mistake not going to look at it, that's for sure. He got royally f'ed on this thing. I'm not a QW poster, but I see lots of people saying "can't see why it's junk" etc. This thing is a really rough car mechanically. Not one system on it that doesn't need to be addressed. Completely dangerous to drive at 25mph. 

My guy may have a bit of an excitable and abrasive personality to those that don't know him, but he's completely right that he got taken big time and the seller flat lied about the cars condition. In reality he's a good guy that is too apt to trust somebody and then the type you don't want to cross. I work on several of his cars which range from Alfa race cars to a Lancia Delta Integrale to a twin turbo Gallardo and several very cool very unique vintage cars.

-Cody Forbes (mobile)

> On Nov 17, 2015, at 3:23 PM, Steve Sears <steve.sears at soil-mat.on.ca> wrote:
> Hi Cody,
> I'm sure this is the same car over which a firestorm brewed out into the open on Quattroworld:
> http://forums.quattroworld.com/quattro/msgs/16478.phtml
> It has Treser bits on it (rear wing, maybe steering wheel), but it is not a Treser urQ - underhood should look like this:
> http://www.oldtimermanchester.com/images/products/large/Product_13_5.jpg  (in which case, changing the air filter should be relatively easy)
> Here is an article showing how modified the car was all over - different dash, interior, rims, bumpers, etc. etc.:
> http://www.treser-club.de/cms/index.php/treser/fahrzeuge/der-treseraudi-quattro
> Cheers!
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>> On Nov 16, 2015, at 5:11 PM, Cody Forbes <cody at 5000tq.com> wrote:
>> After all of these years of being an Audi fan I've finally got an urQ under my care. Besides Ben Swann's heavily modified urQ this is the only one I've ever touched. It's a 1982 Treser that a customer recently purchased from Oregon and has some issues to deal with. 
>> First question mark I've found... It looks like it really sucks to check the air filter, yes? Disconnect air intake hose, undo airbox clips that will be impossible to reinstall, and use to dark matter to create a hole in space to lift the top half of the airbox w/ fuel distributor up?
>> -Cody Forbes (mobile)
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